Income Fund

Amana Income

Investor Shares: AMANX
Institutional Shares: AMINX

Est. 1986

Seeks current income and preservation of capital by following an equity-income investment strategy.

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Growth Fund

Amana Growth

Investor Shares: AMAGX
Institutional Shares: AMIGX 

Est. 1994

Seeks long-term capital growth by investing in common stocks and principally follows a large-cap investment style.

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Developing World Fund

Amana Developing World

Investor Shares: AMDWX
Institutional Shares: AMIDX

Est. 2009

Seeks long-term capital growth by investing in common stocks of companies with significant exposure to emerging markets.

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Participation Fund

Amana Participation

Investor Shares: AMAPX
Institutional Shares: AMIPX

Est. 2015

Seeks capital preservation and current income by investing primarily in sukuk, Islamic investment certificates.

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About Amana Mutual Funds Trust

At Saturna Capital and the Amana Mutual Funds Trust, we endeavor to align our investments with our principles.

Our Funds favor companies with low price-to-earnings multiples, strong balance sheets, and proven businesses. They follow a value-oriented approach consistent with Islamic finance principles. Generally, these principles require that investors avoid interest and investments in businesses such as liquor, pornography, gambling, and banks. The Funds avoid bonds and other conventional fixed-income securities.

Saturna Capital selects investments in companies that to its knowledge do not violate the requirements of the Islamic faith at the time of investment. To ensure that investments continue to meet the requirements of the Islamic faith, Saturna Capital engages Amanie Advisors Sdn Bhd, a leading consultant specializing in Islamic finance.

The Amana Funds limit the securities they purchase to those consistent with Islamic and ESG principles. This limits opportunities and may affect performance.

Watch Amana Mutual Funds Trust founders, Nick Kaiser and Yaqub Mirza, discuss the creation and history of the Trust.

Halal Investing

Investing according to Islamic principles can offer many benefits to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Halal investing encourages a disciplined investment process that promotes in-depth security research and monitoring. Generally, the low debt requirements of Islamic screens facilitate a conservative approach that appeals to risk-averse investors.

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Investing & Zakat

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and the cornerstone of its economic system. It represents "the first and foremost mechanism to implement economic justice," according to economist Dr. Monzer Kahf. As a religious duty and an obligation on all Muslims, it offers the donor the inner satisfaction of a duty accomplished.

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Purification Calculator

You can use this form to estimate the amount to cleanse any haram income for the year from your shares. Purification factors are calculated once yearly at the Funds' fiscal year end as of May 31.

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Investing For Hajj

Islam mandates that all Muslims who are financially and physically capable perform a pilgrimage to Mecca — the Hajj — once in a lifetime. Besides commanding his companions to perform it, the Prophet (Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam) advised them to financially prepare for it, and delineated the specific way in which each of the rituals involved was to be performed.

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Tune in to our podcast: Halal Money Matters

Join our hosts and an assortment of special guests as they discuss Halal investing, retirement, financial planning, and much, much more.

Monem Salam

Monem Salam MBA
Executive Vice President


2023 Impact Report

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis is a useful framework for understanding operations and informing investment decisions. However, the framework has been politicized and subjected to negative media coverage. To ignore ESG information is to turn one's back on potentially valuable insights.

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Investment Process

Saturna Capital, the Amana Funds' investment adviser, screens more than 5,000 global securities monthly.

Business sector and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) screens eliminate companies primarily involved in certain activities, including alcohol, pornography, insurance, gambling, pork processing, and interest-based banks or finance associations.

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Quarterly Commentary

Stay informed with the latest insights from our portfolio managers and analysts.

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White Papers

Take a deeper dive into topics such as what makes sukuk halal, evaluating Islamic standards, and integrated ESG strategies.

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