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  • Episode 12: Behavioral Finance
    Amana Mutual Funds Trust, Halal Money Matters - July 2021

    Dr. Ziyaad Mahomed joins Halal Money Matters to discuss the study of behavioral finance, the psychology behind financial decisions, and the future of the field.

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  • The Case for Global Bonds
    Saturna Capital, White Papers - June 2021

    Current market trends point to emerging economies experiencing a higher rate of economic growth and a greater presence in the global markets which ultimately means a larger contributing role in investors’ portfolios. Despite a majority of the world’s population living in emerging market countries, they currently comprise only 16% of the global bond market. Several of these economies may overtake developed economies in size over the next 30 years. As investors, the flexibility to invest in these regions will be key to value creation in bond portfolios.

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  • Episode 11: Estate Planning
    Amana Mutual Funds Trust, Halal Money Matters - June 2021

    Wealth planning attorney and author Yaser Ali joins the podcast to discuss estate planning, wealth transference, and inheritance according to Islamic values.

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  • Saturna Capital announces agreement with American Muslim Community Foundation
    News & Announcements - June 2021

    Saturna Capital and Amana Mutual Funds Trust are pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding with American Muslim Community Foundation. The MoU covers several joint marketing activities where AMCF and Saturna will join forces to improve shareowner education around investing and donor advised funds.

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  • Amana Funds Sponsor Imam's Generational Scholarship Fund
    News & Announcements - May 2021

    The Imam's Generation Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to children of Imams, religious leaders, and chaplains who have a standing appointment at a US-based mosque in an effort to reduce the cost of higher education.

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