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Saturna Trust Company specializes in meeting the estate planning and trust needs of the American Muslim community.

The Quran defines how a person's assets are to be divided at death. In some Muslim countries, Islamic inheritance law is part of local common law. Since this is not the case in the US, observant American Muslims find that a carefully drafted Will, often coupled with one or more trusts, is a necessity.

In addition to the distribution of inheritance, any trust assets must be managed in accordance with Islamic principles. Saturna Capital, investment adviser to the Amana Mutual Funds Trust and Saturna Trust's parent company, is internationally recognized for its exceptional record in the specialized task of providing halal asset management for Muslims.

Saturna Trust knows the application of Islamic financial practices in our complex society is an important task. Unfortunately, there is little estate planning education presently available to the American Muslim community. Saturna Capital already provides a variety of free Islamic investor education services, including seminars at mosques and Islamic organization meetings across the US. Saturna Trust is partnered with community estate lawyers and investment professionals to add Islamic estate planning strategy to these seminars. With a broad range of retirement plans and investment services, Saturna also provides considerable information online, at community events, and by mail.