Trust Services Fees

Saturna Trust Company follows the high-value low-charge philosophy summarized by Saturna Capital's "Value for your Money" motto. The following outlines the basic charges on fees and services available through Saturna Trust Company.

Saturna charges a one-time initial fee of $1,000 upon acceptance of each trust for administration. Thereafter at each calendar quarter-end, administration fees on Trust or other accounts are 0.125% of quarter-end assets, with a minimum fee of $250¹

Accounts electing private investment management from Saturna Capital Corporation pay a separate advisory fee, as detailed in the Investment Counsel brochure. The annual advisory fee for private Investment Management Accounts is $2,500, plus 0.5% of the first $5 million and 0.4% on amounts over $5 million; with a minimum quarterly fee of $1,250 (minimum $5,000 annually). There are no brokerage commissions when managed account securities are traded through Saturna Brokerage Services.

Accounts electing self-directed trading with Saturna Brokerage Services, Inc. are not charged an investment management fee, but are subject to the brokerage commission schedule.

Accounts invested in Saturna Capital Corporation's affiliated mutual fund portfolios do not pay a separate investment management fee, as fees for investment management and other services are included in the mutual fund's expenses. Neither are there any transaction fees, as Saturna no-load funds have no purchase or redemption charges. Please consult a fund's prospectus or summary prospectus for details.

Fees at a glance:

Administration: 0.125% quarterly
Initial Setup: $1,000

Affiliated services:

Investment management: variable
Self-directed trading: commissions
Mutual funds: expense ratio
401(k) Plans: variable

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and Educational Savings Accounts (ESA) using only the Saturna Capital no-load mutual funds pay no extra retirement plan fees.² IRAs and ESAs may also invest in almost any security through a Saturna Brokerage Services brokerage account, subject to the Saturna Brokerage Services commission schedule.

401(k) Plans administered by Saturna Capital are subject to a fee schedule, including an annual administration fee and mutual fund expenses, and may include brokerage commissions depending upon plan options.


¹ Essentially an annual administration fee of 0.5%, with a minimum of $1,000 per year.

² Shareowners of these funds receive these retirement plan services as part of the Saturna Capital transfer agency services, for which each fund pays Saturna Trust a separate servicing fee of $10 per year per account.