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Navigating Today's Volatile Markets


Sextant Global High Income Fund (SGHIX) Portfolio Manager Bryce Fegley explains his investment philosophy.

Investment Process

Saturna Capital, the Funds' investment adviser, screens more than 10,000 US traded securities monthly.


Performance Advisory Fee

The Sextant Funds employ a fulcrum advisory fee, which rewards or penalizes Saturna Capital for the Funds' investment performance.


Formed in 1995, the Sextant Funds provide basic elements to build a low-expense, balanced investment program emphasizing a value approach to investing.

The Growth Fund and International Fund invest primarily in stocks, the Short-Term Bond Fund and Bond Income Fund invest in bonds, the Core Fund invests in both stocks and bonds, and the Global High Income Fund invests in common stocks, preferred stocks, and bonds. All Sextant Funds seek tax-efficiency for their shareowners and reduced trading expenses by limiting portfolio trading.

Corporate Governance

We advocate ethical investing, believing that companies with effective corporate responsibility policies are better positioned to avoid crises that could lead to reputation damage, higher costs, lost production, and fraudulent operations. We consider environmental, social, and corporate governance issues during the investment selection process as they can positively, or negatively, impact the performance of investment portfolios.


Saturna White Papers: Educational Series

  • A Global, Asset Allocation Approach to High Income Investing

    The Sextant Global High Income Fund (SGHIX) was thoughtfully designed in 2012 in order to help investors — particularly current and prospective retirees — by seeking to provide a higher income  alternative to low bond yields. This white paper explains the philosophy and details of our approach to high income, and also contrasts this approach to other alternative-income products investors might consider.