The following tables describe the fees and expenses Saturna mutual fund shareowners may pay. There are no shareowner fees (fees paid directly from an investment). Our Funds impose no sales charge (load) on purchases or reinvested dividends, or any deferred sales charge (load) upon redemption. There are no exchange fees or account fees. Investments in mutual funds are subject to ongoing expenses. Saturna endeavors to keep these fees low. We encourage you to compare the following fees with similar fees of other no-load mutual funds:

Shareowner Fees (fees paid directly from your investment)
All Saturna Mutual Funds
Sales Charge (Load) Imposed on Purchases (as a percentage of offering price):0%
Deferred Sales Charge (Load):0%
Sales Charge (Load) Imposed on Reinvested Dividends/Distributions:0%
Redemption Fee:0%
Exchange Fee (between Saturna's affiliated funds):0%
Account Fee:0%

Annual Fund Operating Expenses (expenses deducted from Fund Assets)

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Amana Mutual FundsAmana Developing World1Amana Growth1Amana Income1Amana Participation1
Investor (AMDWX)Institutional (AMIDX)Investor (AMAGX)Institutional (AMIGX)Investor (AMANX)Institutional (AMINX)Investor (AMAPX)Institutional (AMIPX)
Management Fees20.80%0.80%0.64%0.64%0.75%0.75%0.50%0.50%
Distribution (12b-1) Fees30.25%0.00%0.25%0.00%0.25%0.00%0.25%0.00%
Other Expenses0.17%0.21%0.02%0.03%0.02%0.03%0.05%0.06%
Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses1.22%1.01%0.91%0.67%1.02%0.78%0.80%0.56%

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Sextant Mutual FundsGrowth4International4
Investor (SSGFX)Z Shares (SGZFX)Investor (SSIFX)Z Shares (SIFZX)
Management Fees2,50.50%0.50%0.50%0.50%
Distribution (12b-1) Fees30.25%0.00%0.25%0.00%
Other Expenses0.25%0.26%0.25%0.27%
Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses1.00%0.76%1.00%0.77%
Sextant Mutual FundsBond Income4Core4Global High Income4Short-Term Bond4
Management Fees2,50.50%0.50%0.50%0.50%
Other Expenses0.39%0.31%0.41%0.38%
Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses0.89%0.81%0.91%0.88%
Less Fee Waiver/Expense Reimbursement6(0.24)%(0.00)%(0.16)%(0.28)%
Net Annual Operating Expenses0.65%0.81%0.75%0.60%

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Saturna Sustainable FundsSustainable Equity4Sustainable Bond4
Management Fees20.65%0.55%
Other Expenses0.28%0.19%
Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses0.93%0.74%
Less Fee Waiver/Expense Reimbursement6(0.18)%(0.09)%
Net Annual Operating Expenses0.75%0.65%


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1 As stated in the Funds' most recent prospectus dated 09/28/2023.

2 Paid to Saturna Capital Corporation.

Paid to Saturna Brokerage Services, Inc.

4 As stated in the Funds' most recent prospectus dated 03/29/2024.

5 Management Fees in the table have been restated to reflect current fees. Effective March 31, 2023, the management fee paid to Saturna Capital Corporation, the Fund's Adviser, for providing services to the Fund is 0.50% of average daily net assets of the Fund. Prior to this date, the management fee consisted of a basic fee at an annual rate of 0.50% of the Fund's average net assets and a positive or negative performance adjustment of up to an annual rate of 0.20% (applied to the average assets at the end of each month), resulting in a total minimum fee of 0.30% and a total maximum fee of 0.70%. The average monthly management fee for the year ended November 30, 2023, was 0.54% (annual rate) for Sextant Growth Fund, 0.56% for Sextant International, 0.57% for Sextant Bond Income, 0.55% for Sextant Core Fund, 0.55% for Sextant Global High Income Fund, and 0.52% for Sextant Short-Term Bond Fund.

6 Saturna Capital, the Funds' adviser, has committed through March 31, 2025, to waive fees and/ or reimburse expenses to the extent necessary to ensure that the Fund’s net operating expenses, excluding brokerage commissions, interest, taxes, and extraordinary expenses, do not exceed the net operating expense ratio of 0.65% for Sextant Bond Income, 0.60% for Short-Term Bond Fund, 0.75% for Sextant Global High Income Fund, 0.75% for Saturna Sustainable Equity Fund, and 0.65% for Saturna Sustainable Bond Fund. This expense limitation agreement may be changed or terminated only with approval of the Board of Trustees.

Saturna no-load mutual funds are distributed by Saturna Brokerage Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saturna Capital.