Your handy guide to tax forms and deadlines

Tax Documentation

Shareowners receive tax information and an annual account summary. Depending on your particular reporting requirements, your tax information package will include IRS forms such as:

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January 31
1099-B¹ Reports the gross proceeds from sales, redemptions, tenders, and other transactions, including repayment of bond principal upon maturity.
1099-DIV¹ Reports dividends and distributions from stocks and mutual funds, capital gains distributions, returns of capital, and foreign tax paid.
1099-INT¹ Reports bond interest (including accrued interest from bonds sold between payment dates) and income from unit investment trusts. (Accrued interest for the buyer of a bond is not reported on 1099-INT but is noted on the trade confirmation.)
1099-R Reports distributions from IRAs and employer plans (401(k), Profit Sharing, etc.).
1099-SA Reports distributions from Health Savings Accounts.
1099-Q Reports distributions, basis, earnings, and transfers from Education Savings Accounts.

¹ Saturna reports information from 1099-B, 1099-DIV, and 1099-INT forms on a Consolidated 1099 Form. The reporting deadline for this form is February 15.

If your taxable dividends and capital gains were less than $10 for the year, or you did not execute a distribution from your account, you might not receive a 1099 Tax Form.

When completing Schedules B and D, you will need to report information in the name of the payer furnishing you the form, which for most brokerage accounts will be Pershing, Saturna's clearing agent. For investors holding Amana, Saturna Sustainable, Sextant, or Idaho Funds directly, the payer will be the Fund in which you are invested.

February 15
Consolidated 1099 Forms Consolidated 1099 forms report dividends, interest, and gross proceeds from the sale of securities on one single form. When using the Consolidated 1099 to report 1099-B, 1099-DIV, and 1099-INT information, the IRS allows tax reporters extra time to prepare.
March 15
1042-S Reports income earned by foreign persons or entities that have certified their foreign status on Form W-8. (There is more than one W-8 form; make sure you receive and use the appropriate Form W-8 to certify foreign status.)
March 15 Contact Saturna Brokerage no later than this date to report information you believe should be changed on your Form 1099 before it is reported to the IRS.
March 31 Form 1099 information for your account(s) is reported to the IRS.
April 15
April 15 IRS filing deadline for most returns. Remember to report dividends and interest received in your Saturna Brokerage account in the name of Pershing.
Schedule K-1 Mailed by limited partnerships to owners of limited partnership units. Partnership K-1s (Form 1065) for IRA accounts should be forwarded directly to Saturna Capital; K-1s for non-IRA accounts should be sent by the partnership directly to the owner of the unit.
April 30
5498-ESA Reports contributions and rollovers for Education Savings Accounts.
May 31
5498 Reports contributions, rollovers, recharacterizations, required minimum distribution, and fair market value for IRAs.

Corrected tax reporting is mailed to Saturna Capital clients whose 1099 information has changed (for example, a reclassification of mutual fund distributions). Tax forms are generally available for download via our online customer portal or by calling Saturna Capital at (360) 594-9900, or (800) 728-8762 on business days from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Pacific time.