Saturna Capital strives to keep our investors informed and educated. The best defense against choosing the wrong investment is learning about investing.

Account Types Matter — But How Do I Choose?

Whether you’re saving for retirement, your children’s education, a much-needed getaway, or just a rainy day, everyone has financial goals.  But when you’re saving and investing, it’s important to know how different investment account types can impact your after-tax returns.

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What is ESG Investing? Find out with our fun, informative video.

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How A Mutual Fund Works

Did you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of a mutual fund? Find out right here with our four part video series.

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How to Evaluate the "Sustainability" of Sustainable Mutual Funds 

Sustainable investing has come a long way. In its early days, investment managers, like Saturna Capital, created faith-based investment processes, focused on excluding companies or industries that conflicted with the tenets of an investor’s faith. This led to proactive investing, a process that encourages companies, sectors, and regions to engage in better business practices.

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Evaluating Islamic Standards: Islamic Investing and its Evolution from Niche to Mainstream

While the Quran encourages trade and investment – and provides guidance for how Muslims should approach these activities – formalized financial processes did not begin to develop until the mid-20th Century. In this piece, we discuss the evolution of Islamic screening and step through various methodologies present in the market.

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Use FINRA's BrokerCheck to see employment history, certifications, and licenses — as well as regulatory actions, violations, or complaints. You may also review information on your broker's firm.

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Tax Documentation

Here's a handy guide to when we send out various tax forms (such as 1099 and 5498) and what those forms mean.


The Case for Active Management in ESG

How do investors make sense of quantitative ranking systems that retain “black box” elements? In the quest to find top-tier firms that seek to reduce risk through industry best practices, an active approach to investing can help investors identify risks that a passive approach may miss.

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Regulatory Organizations

Saturna invites you to visit the regulatory organizations that formulate the rules and regulations under which we operate.

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