Education Savings Accounts | Saturna Capital

Open your Education Savings Account with Saturna and take advantage of:

Wide range of investment choices

  • Saturna's affiliated no-load mutual funds offer a variety of investment objectives
  • By investing in more than one fund, you can tailor your ESA to reflect your own risk and return objectives
  • Add self-directed brokerage for access to stocks, ETFs, money market funds, and a broad array of unaffiliated mutual funds.

Knowledgeable, personalized service

  • Investment ESA provider since 2003
  • Trained representatives standing by to help you navigate the investment process


  • Invest automatically from your bank account to your Saturna ESA
  • Request redemptions to cover incurred expenses by telephone or in writing on any business day
  • Choose redemption by check or direct deposit to your bank account at no charge
  • Keep track of your portfolio with online account access

ESA Enrollment Checklist

  • ESA Enrollment Form (and ESA Transfer Form, if transferring an existing ESA), completed and signed
  • Form 5305-E, completed and signed
  • A copy of your government-issued photo ID
  • A check for your initial investment payable to the fund(s) of your choice

    If you wish to purchase non-Saturna affiliated mutual funds, stocks, or bonds, a separate check should be made payable to Pershing LLC for those purchases

    Be sure to indicate the tax year for which your are making the contribution

Is a Saturna ESA right for me?

It is important to review the features of Saturna's ESA and other ESAs before you decide where to establish your account.

A Saturna ESA may be right for you if:

  • You want to minimize account-related fees
  • You want to use your ESA as a long-term, tax-advantaged savings vehicle that can help pay the current or future education expenses of your child or other beneficiary
  • You want to invest your ESA savings and desire a broad variety of investment options, such as mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and bonds
  • You are comfortable directing your own investments and have a tolerance for investment risk

Saturna's ESA Fees

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  Invested in Saturna's
affiliated mutual funds only
Saturna Brokerage HSA¹
Account Fees Investments in mutual funds are subject to ongoing expenses that shareowners 
pay indirectly. Please consult a fund's prospectus or summary prospectus.
Account Opening None None
Account Maintenance None Potential inactive account fee²
Statement Fee None None
Low Balance Fee None None
Account Closing None None
Transaction Fees
Contributions None Subject to Commission Schedule
Distributions / Withdrawals³ None Subject to Commission Schedule
Outgoing wire transfers and overnight delivery 
of proceeds from sales are subject to prevailing rates.
Trades / Exchanges None Subject to Commission Schedule
Account Transfers None In: None4   Out: $75

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¹ Self-Directed Brokerage HSAs may be subject to fees for services not listed in this chart. Please refer to the Saturna Brokerage Services Commission Schedule for more details.

² Inactive accounts have effected no trades from January 1 through December 31 and have had one or more security positions for the entire year, not including sweep account money market funds. Please see the Saturna Brokerage Services Commission Schedule for more details.

³ Withdrawals may be subject to income taxes if not used to pay qualified education expenses.

4 While Saturna does not have a specific charge for inbound transfers, the previous custodian may charge for the outbound transfer.