Adding Saturna's Funds To Your Plan | Saturna Capital

Saturna's Funds are available through a number of retirement plan providers. We offer the following suggestions to assist in your efforts to help make the Funds available in your current 401(k) or other retirement plan. While we cannot guarantee success, the suggestions below will help give you the best chance of adding Saturna's Funds to your plan's investment options.

Contact Your Plan Administrator

Plan administrators (often your company's benefits coordinator or human resources officer) are the gatekeepers of your employer's 401(k) plan. A plan administrator should be able to find out whether the Saturna's Funds are available through your employer's retirement plan provider. If available, the plan administrator will be able to furnish the company procedures for suggesting the addition of new funds to the current investment selection.

One strategy many have found helpful for the Amana Funds is to speak about them in terms of faith-based investing, as opposed to the sharia-compliant aspects. This has helped many individuals overcome initial rejections.

Consider the Brokerage Option

Many plans allow for investment in common stocks and other securities through a brokerage window. Often Saturna's Funds will be available through this channel. The downside is that even though our Funds are no-load (which means that we do not charge commissions), purchases and sales of shares of the Funds will most likely be subject to commissions charged by the brokerage firms providing the access.

Be Mindful of the Plan's Fiduciary Obligations

Plan sponsors (i.e., employers) have to consider a wide variety of issues when constructing a plan's investment choices. Plan administrators must consider investment performance, balanced asset options (which includes asset classes that are not necessarily Islamically acceptable), government obligations, investment fees, and other plan costs. Faith-based and other social issues are not required factors for plan administrators to consider.

Be Patient

Large companies can take years to change their plans. When they do, providing the plan administrator with relevant information on the Funds at the appropriate time can help foster a positive outcome.

Consider an IRA

If your plan administrator is unable to add a Fund to your plan, consider investing in the Funds through a Saturna Capital IRA instead of participating in the company's 401(k) Plan.


Please note that Saturna's Funds, like all mutual funds, are subject to ongoing expenses. Please consult the Prospectus or Summary Prospectus for details, or visit Mutual Fund Expenses.