Saturna Trust Company is a member of the NSCC and DTCC1 which means less middlemen facilitating your trades.  Seeking to obtain the best long-term returns for participants and limit potential conflicts of interest, only fund shares without commissions or other payments (such as 12b-1 fees) are eligible for Saturna Trust 401(k) plans. Available fund companies include:

  • 1919
  • Amana
  • American Century
  • Appleseed
  • Ave Maria
  • BlackRock
  • Brown
  • Calamos
  • Calvert
  • Epiphany
  • Eagle
  • Fidelity
  • Franklin Templeton
  • Gabelli
  • Green Century
  • Janus
  • Morley
  • Nuveen
  • Parnassus
  • PaxWorld
  • Portfolio 21
  • Saturna Sustainable
  • Sextant
  • T. Rowe Price
  • Timothy Plan
  • Trillium
  • Vanguard

We provide benchmarking reports to help you compare and map various mutual funds.  We can work directly with advisors to make sure we are providing the Plan that fits your business.

Plan Option: Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts

Employers may choose the option of allowing Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts with our wholly-owned subsidiary, Saturna Brokerage Services.

Saturna Brokerage Services, Inc. 

Saturna Brokerage Services (SBS) is a securities brokerage founded in 1986.  SBS serves both knowledgeable investors and professionally managed private accounts.  It is limited to executing customers’ buy and sell orders at a simple, low commission.  All Saturna Brokerage employees are salaried employees of Saturna Capital and receive no commissions. 

Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts

Trades in Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts are subject to the commission schedule detailed in the Guide to Saturna Brokerage brochure.  Commissions are paid to Saturna Brokerage Services.  Depending on each employee’s investment choices, Saturna Brokerage Services may also receive sales charges (loads) and/or 12b-1 fees from non-affiliated mutual funds and money market funds.  Brokerage account owners seeking the protection of insured deposits may opt to enroll in the Dreyfus Insured Deposit Program.

¹ NSCC is the National Securities Clearing Corporation, DTCC is the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation