Employer Fee

Employers (plan sponsors) are charged an annual fee based on assets.

Assets Base Fee
< $250k $2,760
> $250k $1,760

Participant Fees

Employees (plan participants) are charged a percentage of any investments in non-Saturna assets.

Assets Non-Saturna Asset Fee
< $499k 0.60%
$500k – $749k 0.46%
$750k – $999k 0.38%
$1MM – $2.49MM 0.30%
$2.5MM – $4.99MM 0.20%
$5MM – $9.99MM 0.18%
$10MM – $14.99MM 0.15%
$15MM – $19.99MM 0.13%
$20MM+ Custom

Solo 401(k):

Solo 401(k)s follow the same asset-based fee schedule, with a reduced annual fee of $500 when plan assets are below $250,000. The annual fee is then waived when plan assets surpass $250,000.

Affiliated mutual fund trading None
Plan menu fund trading None
Mutual fund expenses Please see a Fund's summary prospectus for details.
Loan initiation fee (if allowed) $60
Quarterly loan fee (if allowed)1 $15
Plan departure $60

1 A quarterly loan fee of $15 ($60 annually) is charged only to those participants who have an outstanding loan, if loans are allowed by the plan.

Most recordkeepers accept payments from funds in plans (often referred to as “revenue sharing”). Saturna Trust does not.

Non-Saturna Employer Costs

Fidelity Bond

A Fidelity Bond (sometimes called a Surety Bond) is a form of insurance that is designed to protect the assets of a employee benefit plan against acts of dishonesty or fraud committed by individuals associated with the plan. An employer that offers an employee benefit plan generally purchases this protection, covering its employees involved with ERISA plans. This is not a product that Saturna offers currently, but we can assist you in finding a provider if needed.

Large Plan Audit

Generally, a plan must be audited when it has more than 100 participants with a balance on the first day of the plan year (120 if the plan has not been previously audited, 100 every year after).

Typically, audits must be completed within seven months after the plan year ends. For example, if you have a calendar year-end plan (December 31), audits must be completed by July 31 of the following year.