Saturna Trust Company's 401(k) plan is comprehensive, manageable, and highly affordable – benefiting both employers (plan sponsors) and employees (plan participants).

Employers can adopt a complete 401(k) plan based on modern technology that features IRS-compliant plan documents, employee-directed accounts, online account management, low costs, summary reports, and online education materials. Employers utilize Saturna Trust Company to provide plan design consulting, including investment menu, data processing, discrimination and compliance testing, forms preparation and extensive operational assistance – all at a simple-to-understand, affordable price. 

Employees benefit from daily asset valuation and fund transactions, online statements with vesting and loan balances, online investment education, online account maintenance forms, and the ability to update their personal data anytime. Optional features include plan loans, Roth accounts, special “hardship” withdrawals, and brokerage windows.

401(k) plans are powerful employment incentives and a major part of America’s retirement savings. But for a plan to be successful, it has to operate easily and at low cost for the employer and for the employees. For some companies, the cost and complexity of operating a 401(k) plan seems prohibitive. For others, terminating a plan after years of high fees, poor investment performance and hassles might seem like an easy decision.

There is a better alternative:
Saturna Capital's 401(k) plan — providing real "value for your money."

Saturna strives to not only offer the best investment opportunities, but to match those sound investment with low-costs and superior customer service.

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The Saturna Advantage

Establish your 401(k) with Saturna Capital to take advantage of:

A Full-Service Arrangement

The Saturna Trust Company 401(k) plan is a full-service arrangement. Our plans save our clients on costs associated with non-integrated service providers because Saturna’s staff handles everything from recordkeeping to investment management to marketing and education. Full-service arrangements eliminate the need for employers to deal with and monitor multiple service providers. This eases the employer’s burden to consider potential conflicts of interest that may arise when using multiple providers.

By maintaining in-house operations, Saturna keeps your plan costs low and affordable. Our transparent fee structure enables employers to focus on their employee’s retirement funds instead of wrestling with complex fee schedules from multiple vendors.

A Simple, Affordable Price

Saturna recognizes its responsibilities to the plans it services and endeavors to keep plan expenses fair and reasonable.   

Employers (plan sponsors) are charged an annual recordkeeping fee of $750.

Employees (plan participants) are not charged when investments are held in Saturna Capital’s mutual funds. Investments held in unaffiliated assets are charged an annual fee of 0.40% of the assets’ value. 

Please see the Fee Schedule for more detail about fees.

Solo 401(k)

A Solo 401(k) may be appropriate for sole proprietors (and their spouses) who have no common-law employees. Saturna waives the $750 annual fee on Solo 401(k) plans with less than $250,000.

Contribution limits with a Solo 401(k) are the same as with traditional 401(k) plans and any associated tax benefits would be the same.

With a Solo 401(k), you’ll get access to the same tools and services as traditional 401(k) plans at a most competitive price.

Assistance Operating Your 401(k) Plan

Once employers have established a company 401(k) plan, they assume certain responsibilities.  Saturna helps with the functions of establishing and operating your 401(k) plan, including: 

  • Participation
  • Contributions
  • Vesting
  • Nondiscrimination
  • Investing 401(k) monies
  • Disclosing plan information to employees
  • Reporting to government agencies

Common goals. Common rewards. Common sense.

Saturna has been a 401(k) administrator since 2007.


A Wide Range of Investment Choices

We offer 401(k) plans a selection of Saturna Capital low-cost mutual funds, as well as an extensive menu of unaffiliated mutual funds, with a variety of investment objectives, through our open architecture platform. Employers make their own investment decisions, and by investing in more than one fund, employees can tailor their 401(k) accounts to reflect their own risk and return objectives. In addition, plans are permitted to open self-directed brokerage accounts and buy common stocks, bonds, and other IRS-permitted securities of their choosing.

Personalized Service

At Saturna, we help make investing for retirement easy. Plan information is available online 24/7 to employees and their employers. Employees may also call Saturna’s toll free phone number during business hours for consultations, inquiries, or transactions.

We provide each client with a customized online portal to oversee many aspects of your plan.

Unlike many recordkeepers, Saturna’s employees are not compensated for product sales, eliminating a common conflict of interest. 

Full Fee Disclosure

Saturna understands the importance of fully disclosing all fees associated with servicing a 401(k) plan. Please see the the simple fee schedule for the Saturna Trust Company 401(k) plan for more information

If you ever have questions about your plan's fees, please contact us.

Transparency, Accountability

Saturna Trust Company hires an independent, third-party auditor to annually examine its financial statements, providing you with confidence in our financial operations.

AICPA SOC Certification

An SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 certification validates that an organization has completed a rigorous independent audit of its controls, objectives, and activities within information technology, corporate procedure, and other related service areas. A successful audit completion indicates that a service organization has sufficient controls in place to support its customers. SSAE 16 is a standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for service organizations. SSAE 16 extends and replaces the previous SAS 70 standard incorporating international controls based on the ISAE 3402 standard.

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