Employer Services | Saturna Capital

We offer a range of investing solutions for businesses. When you invest with Saturna Capital, you invest with an experienced team of professionals dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

A Wide Range of Investment Choices

We offer a selection of Saturna no-load mutual funds with a variety of investment objectives. By investing in more than one fund, you can tailor your own risk and return objectives. Additionally, with a self-directed brokerage option, you can purchase stocks, bonds, fixed income securities including CDs and US Treasurys, plus a wide range of unaffiliated mutual funds.

Personalized Service

At Saturna Capital, we help make investing for retirement easy. Our staff is dedicated to helping you with your retirement questions. Your account representative can help you customize your retirement account strategy. You can even invest automatically from your bank account to most Saturna Capital retirement plans.

Saturna's No-Load Mutual Funds

If you invest in any of Saturna's affiliated no-load mutual funds, we will not charge you any account opening, maintenance, or custodial fees on your IRA account (mutual fund expenses do apply).

Investments in mutual funds are subject to ongoing expenses that shareowners pay indirectly. Please consult a fund's prospectus or summary prospectus for more details.

The additional services available with a 401(k) Plan are accompanied by a low plan fee.

Self-Directed Brokerage Account

If you wish to purchase unaffiliated mutual funds, stocks, bonds, limited partnerships, or write covered call options on stocks you own as part of your retirement investments, a Self-Directed Brokerage IRA is also available. A self-directed Saturna Brokerage Services account enables you to purchase and sell a variety of securities. A regular brokerage statement is provided showing each security in your account and its current value. The account is subject to normal brokerage commissions and other possible charges (see the commission schedule at www.saturna.com/sbs).

Brokerage accounts may not be available in all employer plans, such as some 401(k) plans. Please consult your plan documents or your plan administrator for availability.

Please note: Retirement accounts with Saturna's No-Load Mutual Funds and Self-Directed Brokerage IRAs are not advisory accounts; Saturna Brokerage Services does not provide investment advice. Saturna Capital provides investment advice only under specific contracts.