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From the Yardarm


  • Yardarm December 2015

    The Consumer Staples sector logged solid stock market performance in 2015, outpacing the S&P 500 Index. Intra-sector performance, however, varied widely, even among companies we might consider similar blue chips. Changes to the market landscape are forcing Home and Personal Care companies to evaluate past practices and develop new...

  • Yardarm November 2015

    Increasingly, investors are concerned about how their lives and personal investments impact society and the world around them. With that comes fears that investing for sustainability, which often excludes certain sectors such as energy or materials, will interfere with asset allocation criteria and impair a portfolio's risk and return characteristics...

  • George Taylor's "Hemline Index Theory" has persisted since 1926, but is it true? As investors we are confronted with an unending morass of data. With ever-increasing streams of information, cheap computing power, and our desire as humans to construct narratives to explain complex systems, we understandably try to draw conclusions to put our minds at ease...

  • Yardarm April 2015

    "In spite of the cost of living, it's still popular." These words, offered decades ago by Kathleen Norris, carry more weight than ever before, particularly within the realm of financial planning and saving for retirement. The evolution of medical technology and advancement of life-extending therapies once referenced only in science fiction movies...



  • From The Yardarm November 2014

    Weakness in foreign currencies and corresponding strength in the US dollar has caused the dollar to rally toward multiyear highs relative to a basket of other currencies. Still, the dollar remains at low levels compared with...

  • From The Yardarm: The 401(k) Event Horizon

    Who would have guessed in 1973 that Roger Waters' meditation on life's fleeting passage would describe the dilemma faced by many today as they consider how best to save for retirement? The good news is that missing the starting gun doesn't prevent you from joining the race.

  • From The Yardarm - Recalibrating the Retirement Clock: Should 75 be the new 65?

    Retirement sounds pretty sweet, doesn't it? Exotic holidays. Finally writing that novel. Never having to rely on an alarm clock to wake up early. Being your own boss. Retirement goals are as varied as people themselves. So, when can I retire?



  • From The Yardarm October 2013

    Mutual fund expense ratios garner a lot of attention from the news media, regulators, and investors. While cost containment is clearly a worthy goal, do a mutual fund's costs deserve to be your paramount consideration? Do they matter at all?