From the Yardarm


  • From The Yardarm: The 401(k) Event Horizon

    Who would have guessed in 1973 that Roger Waters' meditation on life's fleeting passage would describe the dilemma faced by many today as they consider how best to save for retirement? The good news is that missing the starting gun doesn't prevent you from joining the race.

  • From The Yardarm - Recalibrating the Retirement Clock: Should 75 be the new 65?

    Retirement sounds pretty sweet, doesn't it? Exotic holidays. Finally writing that novel. Never having to rely on an alarm clock to wake up early. Being your own boss. Retirement goals are as varied as people themselves. So, when can I retire?



  • From The Yardarm October 2013

    Mutual fund expense ratios garner a lot of attention from the news media, regulators, and investors. While cost containment is clearly a worthy goal, do a mutual fund's costs deserve to be your paramount consideration? Do they matter at all?