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  • From The Yardarm October 2018 - What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

    The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) consist of 17 goals and 169 targets that were created to end poverty, promote prosperity and well-being for all, and protect the planet. The SDGs set a course and framework to achieve these objectives.

  • From The Yardarm August 2018: The Case for Active Management in ESG

    How do investors make sense of quantitative ranking systems that retain “black box” elements?  In the quest to find top-tier firms that seek to reduce risk through industry best practices, an active approach to investing can help investors identify risks that a passive approach may miss.

  • From The Yardarm July 2018 - Malaysia: Where Voters Rule

    In the mold of Winston Churchill in 1951, a spirited Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has fought and won re-election as prime minister after years out of office.  Dr. Mahathir returns to the leadership position he held for 22 years up to 2003 – a period that saw Malaysia rise into the ranks ...

  • From The Yardarm May 2018

    Whether you’re saving for retirement, your children’s education, a much-needed getaway, or just a rainy day, everyone has financial goals.  But when you’re saving and investing, it’s important to know how different investment account types can impact your after-tax returns.

  • From The Yardarm - Green Bonds Cover

    The emergence of green bonds presents an attractive sustainable vehicle for fixed income investors, though not without drawbacks. The potential value of green bonds is obvious from the name; the securities prioritize the importance of environmental concerns as a means of either reducing risk or forming a competitive advantage when using the proceeds from the sale of the note.

  • From The Yardarm - January 2018 Cover

    Understanding bond investing terminology can help you select a bond fund or an asset allocation that is right for you. Saturna Capital explains credit risk, maturity, duration, interest rate sensitivity, weighted-average, convexity, and more.



  • November 2017 Yardarm

    Few things in this world can be predicted with accuracy over multiyear periods and fewer still over multi-decade spans. One exception is population demographics. Based on data today, we have a good idea how populations will develop through 2050. For some countries, demographics will provide a tailwind toward possibly robust economic growth in the coming years...

  • What We Want and What We Get: Error Bias in Investing Cover

    As we observe events in realms such as financial markets, politics, or weather, we tend to form beliefs — be they explicit or implicit beliefs — about cause and effect, or whether the events were positive or negative, good or bad. Science has formalized this process: testing a hypothesis with empirical data. One of the tradeoffs when evaluating beliefs in light of evidence...



  • October 2016 Yardarm

    Beneath the headlines and political rhetoric, we find a complicated, global story of how trade benefits both developed and emerging economies. There's certainly merit to questioning aspects of trade deals. Invariably, a document with 5,600 pages, like the TPP...

  • From The Yardarm August 2016

    Among all scarce resources, time has no substitute. Time cannot be renewed, expanded, or replaced regardless of price. A person's lifespan limits their earnings, savings, and spending. Today, interest rates in developed world economies approach and even move below the so-called "zero bound," constraining the ability to grow...