Disclosure of Portfolio Holdings | Saturna Capital

Following Principles of Islamic Finance

The Amana Mutual Funds Trust has adopted a portfolio holdings disclosure policy governing the disclosure of the Funds' portfolio holdings. In accordance with this policy, the Funds may provide portfolio holdings information to third parties no earlier than the time a report is filed with the SEC that is required to contain such information or one day after the information is posted on the Fund's publicly accessible website, www.amanafunds.com. A list of portfolio holdings is generally made available on the Funds' website within ten business days after each month-end. Additionally, the Funds publish on the website a list of their top ten holdings as of the end of each calendar quarter, within ten business days after the end of the quarter for which the information is current.

The Funds may disclose portfolio holdings information that has not been included in a filing with the SEC or posted on the Funds' website (i.e., non-public portfolio holdings information) only if there is a legitimate business purpose for doing so and if the recipient is required, either by explicit agreement or by virtue of the recipient's duties to the Funds as an agent or service provider, to maintain the confidentiality of the information and to not use the information in an improper manner (e.g., personal trading). The Funds may disclose on an ongoing basis such non-public portfolio holdings information in the normal course of their investment and administrative operations to various service providers, including the adviser, independent registered public accounting firm, custodian, financial printer, and to the legal counsel for the Funds' independent trustees. The adviser may disclose daily non-public portfolio holdings information on a next-day basis to service providers to enable the adviser to perform statistical analysis using that service provider's systems and software programs. The adviser may also provide certain non-public portfolio holdings information to broker-dealers from time to time in connection with the purchase or sale of securities. In providing this information, reasonable precautions are taken in an effort to avoid potential misuse of the disclosed information, including limitations on the scope of the portfolio holdings information disclosed, when appropriate.

Non-public portfolio holdings information may be provided to other persons if approved by the adviser's president or designee upon a determination that there is a legitimate business purpose for doing so, the disclosure is consistent with the interests of the Funds, and the recipient is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the information and not misuse it.

Neither the adviser, the Funds, nor any affiliated or non-affiliated party shall receive any compensation or other consideration in connection with the disclosure of portfolio holdings.

In view of these Fund policies, it is unlikely that a conflict of interest between the interests of the Funds, the adviser, or any affiliated person of the Funds may arise. However, should the adviser's president become aware that a potential conflict of interest may exist in connection with authorized portfolio disclosures, she will promptly consult with the chairman of the Trust's Board of Trustees with regard to action to be taken.