Saturna Capital Passes $5 Billion Mark

Company achieves milestone with focus on halal and sustainable investing

Bellingham, WA, December 1, 2020 – Fueled by new accounts and market appreciation, Saturna Capital’s assets topped the $5 billion mark on December 1. Saturna’s assets have been on a steady upward trend for the last year and the current milestone represents the culmination of years of dedication and perseverance.

“We are excited to reach this milestone,” said president and portfolio manager Jane Carten. “This success has afforded us the opportunity to reinvest not only in the community, but also in our business, our crew, and our systems to accommodate continuing growth. We are cautious of the volatility in the markets caused by the pandemic and we remain committed to providing low-cost, high-value services for our shareowners.” 

Saturna’s analysts avoid companies with excessive debt, which supports a long-term, risk-averse investment approach. Alpha can be generated in a higher risk environment through allocating capital who we see as being effective in their management of financial and human capital.

“The performance of our Funds speaks for itself,” explains Carten, “and has spurred further investment from existing clients and interest from new investors.”

Carten continued, “Investing alongside our shareowners is a fundamental part of our management philosophy. We believe companies with effective corporate responsibility policies are better positioned to avoid crises that could lead to reputation damage or higher costs. At Saturna, we incorporate these principles into how we run our business, keeping a view toward sustainability, treating our crew members and our shareowners well, and seeking like-minded companies that do the same.”

Saturna donates a portion of pre-tax profits to charity, matching employee donations as well as contributing based on employee proposals.