Saturna Capital Wins Six National Awards For Investor Communications | Saturna Capital

Star Awards

CHICAGO (October 22, 2014) — Saturna Capital, investment manager of the no-load Amana and Sextant Fund families and the Idaho Tax-Exempt Fund, received six STAR Awards from the Mutual Fund Education Alliance for best-in-category investor communications. The animated educational video series "How a Mutual Fund Works" earned three awards, and Saturna's "From The Yardarm"monthly investment newsletter won in the Electronic Newsletter category. In the Retirement category, Saturna won the STAR Award for its 401(k) Introduction Kit and Enrollment Presentation, developed by Saturna Employer Services to help businesses streamline employee enrollment in Saturna-administered 401(k) plans. The Amana Funds Semi-Annual Report won in the Annual Report category. Since 2008, Saturna has won a total of 29 STAR Awards.

"It is a great honor to earn six STAR Awards this year," said Jane Carten, president and director of Saturna Capital. "We congratulate our fellow award-winners who share our worthy goal to inform and educate investors in ways that are visually pleasing, understandable, and accessible."

"We are particularly proud of our 'How A Mutual Fund Works' project, which took over a year to produce and won recognition in three categories," added Carten. "Our goal with these videos is to provide a publicly available educational resource in an attractive and easily digestible format."

"How A Mutual Fund Works" consists of four short animated videos that are suitable for advisers, investors, teachers, and students who want to learn more about investment companies. The videos explain the nuts-and-bolts operations of mutual funds, covering topics such as how an investment company is structured, how mutual fund shares are created and sold, what to expect as a shareowner, and an explanation of regulatory oversight.

The video series won the Wild Card categories in the Retail and Advisor Communications segments and also won as Best Social Media Campaign for Saturna's use of the series to educate investors via its Facebook page.

The "How A Mutual Fund Works" video series is available along with other investor education resources on Saturna Capital's recently redesigned mobile-friendly website and on Saturna's YouTube channel.

A private, employee-owned firm, Saturna Capital manages mutual funds and operates three wholly-owned subsidiaries, including Saturna Brokerage Services in Bellingham, Washington; Saturna Trust Company in Reno, Nevada; and Saturna Sdn. Bhd, an investment advisory and licensed fund management firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The MFEA is a national fund industry trade organization dedicated to informing and educating the investing public about mutual funds. Complete results of the MFEA STAR Awards can be found on the MFEA's website,

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