The New York Times - U.S. Stocks Became Expensive. Are Other Countries Better Bets?

October 12, 2018 - The New York Times quotes Nick Kaiser as manager of the Sextant International Fund in the article “U.S. Stocks Became Expensive. Are Other Countries Better Bets?

The New York Times asked Saturna Capital’s Nick Kaiser where he finds opportunities given high domestic stock valuations and the risk of the US bull market’s end.

“'There are more opportunities in foreign markets than domestic,' Mr. Kaiser said. 'As long as the money is put to work in stocks when they trade at low valuations,' he said, and not bonds, which are far more susceptible to inflation.”

A Few Words About Risk:

The value of Sextant International Fund shares rises and falls as the value of the securities in which the Fund invests goes up and down. Only consider investing in the Fund if you are willing to accept the risk that you may lose money.

Investing in the Fund involves risks not typically associated with investing in US securities. These risks include fluctuations in currency exchange rates, less public information about securities, less governmental market supervision, and lack of uniform financial, social, and political standards.