HR Morning – Saturna’s Ashton and Salam Discuss How Socially Responsible 401(k) Options Further DEI Progress

Authors Ashton and Salam discuss the benefits of socially responsible 401(k) options

May 23, 2022 – Stephanie Ashton, business analyst and manager of corporate social responsibility, and Monem Salam, executive vice president and portfolio manager, wrote an article titled “Socially Responsible 401(k) Options Show Employers Take DEI Seriously” that has been published on the human resources industry website HR Morning.

In the article, the authors noted that “over the years, as the US workforce has become younger and more diverse, expectations around the issues and values an investment should address have shifted — and socially responsible and sustainable investment options abound to cater to this shift.”

Ashton and Salam explained that employers can demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to current and prospective employees through implementing values-oriented retirement plans that prioritize socially responsible investing (SRI). They also debunked common myths surrounding SRI with research conducted by companies including Morningstar, Morgan Stanley, and Institutional Shareholder Services.

“In the end, a values-based approach to retirement savings might be more than just a way of retaining and engaging employees,” said Ashton and Salam. “It could help attract new talent as well. Keeping your company competitive by simply identifying and offering the benefits that employees deeply connect with is a chance for HR to shine.”

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About the Authors

Monem Salam

Monem Salam MBA
Executive Vice President
Portfolio Manager

Stephanie Ashton

Stephanie Ashton MBA
Business Analyst
Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility