Citywire - Growth Goliaths

September 30, 2020 – Citywire Professional Buyer Magazine has published “Growth Goliaths: We Take a Look at Two of the Leading Lights in the Large Growth Category,” examining Amana Growth Fund, including its top holdings, sectors, and performance relative to the category.

Author John Coumarianos spotlights the Fund as a leader in the Large Growth Fund investment category as measured by its three-year risk-adjusted return. He notes that the Large Growth category is “one of the toughest and most competitive there is, with more than 360 managers vying for supremacy.”

Coumarianos finds it “refreshing” that the top performer in the category was run by boutique manager Saturna Capital, adviser to the Amana Growth Fund. Scott Klimo CFA®, vice president and chief investment officer of Saturna Capital, took over as portfolio manager of Amana Growth earlier this year from his position as deputy portfolio manager, which he held since 2012. Previously the Fund had been managed since 1994 by Morningstar “Ultimate Stockpicker” Nicholas Kaiser, Chairman and co-founder of Saturna Capital.


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The Amana Growth Fund limits the securities it purchases to those consistent with Islamic and sustainable principles. This limits opportunities and may affect performance.

Citywire rated the Amana Growth Fund for the 3-year period ended July 31, 2020, among 369 funds in the Large Growth category.

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