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  • Climate Risks and Sovereign Issuers: Sailing into an Environmental Storm?
    From the Yardarm, Saturna Sustainable Funds - April 2022

    This edition of From The Yardarm examines how effectively ESG ratings firms assess sovereign ESG factors, especially concerning the environment. We will discuss climate initiatives formed by the United Nations and examine how sustainability regulations and investors' behavioral biases are potentially increasing risk rather than reducing it.

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  • Episode 18: Zakat al-Fitr
    Amana Mutual Funds Trust, Halal Money Matters - April 2022

    Halal Money Matters welcomes Mustafa Umar, President of California Islamic University, for a conversation about the intentions and obligations of Zakat al-Fitr during Ramadan.

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  • GCC Sukuk: A Primer, 2nd Edition
    Saturna Capital, White Papers - April 2022

    This 2nd edition GCC Sukuk Primer provides an overview of the investment landscape and characteristics of Islamic-compliant investment certificates, commonly referred to as sukuk, a market niche that continues to evolve. We will cover the risk and return attributes of sukuk and explore their relationship to changes in the price of oil, since hydrocarbons largely drive sukuk issuers’ economies.

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  • Tax Day Prep: Simple Tips to Maximize Your Qualified Accounts
    Webinars, Amana Webinar - April 2022

    Join hosts Monem Salam and Owaiz Dadabhoy as they cover topics including: qualified accounts (i.e., IRAs, ESAs, HSAs, UTMAs, 401(k)s, and employer plans), maximizing with multiple accounts, potential tax benefits, and much more.

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  • Q1 2022
    Amana Mutual Funds Trust, Quarterly Commentary - March 2022

    It’s spring 2022, after two years and 500 million COVID-19 cases, a vaccine miracle permitted most countries to break free of massive pestilence not seen since 1919.  The war in Ukraine highlights unpreparedness, and Europe’s systems of finance, energy, and food totter.  Fewer than half the world’s population was alive in 1981, when inflation was last at today’s increasing levels. 

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