Saturna Capital Annual Report

Our strong balance sheet continues to provide stability as our fortunes and the markets gyrate...

Amana Participation Fund (AMAPX)

Designed to help clients meet their long-term financial needs with an objective of capital preservation emphasizing current income...

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Tax Documentation

It's tax season again! We put together this handy guide to when we send out the various tax forms (such as 1099 and 5498) and what those forms mean.


A Typhoon of Volatility

Q1 2018 · Quarterly Commentary

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How a Mutual Fund Works

How A Mutual Fund Works

Did you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of a mutual fund? Find out right here. In some ways, a mutual fund is very similar to a company that...


Account Types Matter— But How Do I Choose?

May 2018 — It’s important to know how different investment account types can impact your after-tax returns. The basic considerations covered here can help you choose the most efficient account type to help you reach your goals.


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