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  • Q3 2020
    Sextant Mutual Funds, Quarterly Commentary - September 2020

    The markets charted an aggressive course through the third quarter. Following the abrupt sell-off late in the first quarter, the S&P 500 Index quickly recovered in the second quarter and accelerated its ascent through the end of August, then dipped dramatically in early September, rebounding again in the last week of the third quarter.

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  • Is Your Retirement Plan Halal?
    Webinars, Amana Webinar - September 2020

    Join hosts Monem Salam, Owaiz Dadabhoy, and Amjad Quadri for the Amana Funds' webinar, Is Your Retirement Plan Halal?, as they cover using the Amana Funds to help align your investments with your faith and much more!

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  • Citywire - Growth Goliaths
    News & Announcements - September 2020

    Citywire writer John Coumarianos takes a look at "two of the leading lights in the Large Growth category."

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  • Understanding ESG Impact to Energize Clients and Raise Assets
    Webinars, Sustainable Webinar - September 2020

    Craig Churman and Elizabeth Alm share insights from our 2020 Saturna Sustainable Funds Impact Report, including how the UN's Sustainable Development Goals factor into our analysis and research.

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  • 2020 Impact Report
    Saturna Sustainable Funds, White Papers - September 2020

    Saturna is committed to quality impact analysis, using a quantitative scoring model for each holding as well as a holistic analysis of corporate strategy, impact, and risk. Additionally, we recognize the adoption and implementation of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can act as a compass for investors.

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