Saturna Brokerage Services

Commission Schedule

Once you have established your account, you may place orders either online at any time, or by telephone any business day between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., Pacific time. Please keep in mind that any order placed during hours when the market is closed will be executed at the next market opening.

Security Type Commission
  Online Broker-Assisted
Stocks $14.95 $24.95
Add 1¢ per share for each share over 1,000
(if share price <$1, add ¼¢ per share)
$19.95 $29.95
plus $1.50 per contract
Bonds N/A $39.95
plus $1.00 per bond        
Mutual Funds    
  No-transaction fee funds² None None
Other no-load funds³ $14.95 $24.95
Load funds Commissions will be charged as described in the Fund's prospectus
Systematic purchases/withdrawals4 $6 N/A
  All funds not available. Purchases and redemptions are subject to minimums as described in the Fund's Prospectus.


Complimentary Services

¹ Before placing an option trade, we require a completed and approved Options Agreement as well as sufficient assets in your account to cover purchases. Also, please request and carefully read the free booklet, "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options," from any Saturna Representative.

² Certain minimums apply. Please see Saturna Archipelago™ & Pershing FundVest Focus® for details.

³ Additional charges may apply for certain mutual funds. Please contact Saturna for details.

4Does not apply to FundVest Focus funds.

5Accounts holding only cash are exempt. Accounts that have one trade during a calendar year (January 1 trhough December 31) are considered active.

Trade postage and handling
Bank cash transfers via EFT
Transaction confirmations
Account statements
Additional Services Fee Schedule
Transfer to Transfer Agent $10 per certificate
Legal transfer of securities $100 per certificate
Voluntary reorganization $25 per certificate
Outgoing bank wire (domestic) $25
Outgoing bank wire (foreign) $40
Account transfer out $75
Reg T late payment extension $15 per extension
Inactive account fee5 $25
Inactive account fee (mutual funds only)5 $12.50 per year
Equity dividend reinvestment $1 per event ($4 minimum dividend)

Fees may apply for additional services not included in this list.