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401(k) Fee Schedule

Saturna Capital Corporation's 401(k) plan is comprehensive, manageable, and affordable — benefiting both employers (plan sponsors) and employees (plan participants).

Employer (Plan Sponsor) Fees
Annual Fee $750
0.25% of total year-end plan assets
Credit for holding affiliated Mutual Funds
Employers are credited 0.25% of total year-end plan assets held in affiliated mutual funds
Employee (Participant) Fees
Enrollment fee None
Account maintenance fee None or 0.25% of total year-end assets†
Affiliated mutual fund trading fees None
Mutual Fund Expenses See below
Loan (if any) annual fee $60
Plan departure fee $60
† At Employer's discretion, 0.25% of total year-end assets is charged to either the Employer or the Plan. If charged to the Plan, fees are allocated to individual Employee (Participant) accounts.

Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts

Trades in Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts are subject to the Saturna Brokerage Services commission schedule. All applicable commissions are paid to Saturna Brokerage Services. Depending on each employee's investment choices, Saturna Brokerage Services may also receive sales charges (loads) and/or 12b-1 fees from non-affiliated mutual funds and Dreyfus money market funds.

Mutual Fund Expenses

The following tables describe the fees and expenses mutual fund shareowners may pay. The Funds impose no sales charge (load) on purchases or reinvested dividends, or any deferred sales charge (load) upon redemption. There are no exchange fees or account fees. Saturna endeavors to keep these fees low. We encourage you to compare the following fees with similar fees of other no-load mutual funds:

Shareowner Fees (fees paid directly from your investment)
All Saturna Mutual Funds
Maximum Sales Charge (Load) Imposed on Purchases (as a percentage of offering price): 0%
Maximum Deferred Sales Charge (Load): 0%
Maximum Sales Charge (Load) Imposed on Reinvested Dividends/Distributions: 0%
Exchange Fee (between Saturna's affiliated funds): 0%
Maximum Account Fee: 0%

There are no redemption fees on Saturna's Funds, with the exception of the Amana Participation Fund, which charges 2% on shares redeemed within 182 days of purchase.

Investments in mutual funds are subject to ongoing expenses that shareowners pay indirectly. Please consult a fund's prospectus or summary prospectus for details. For convenience, we've compiled a table of Saturna's mutual fund expenses here.

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