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2014 is Saturna Capital's 25th Anniversary

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Saturna Capital Employees Donate Bonuses to Company's Charitable Program

Nick Kaiser
Nick Kaiser MBA, CFA
Chairman, Chief Investment Officer

Bellingham, WA (January 8, 2009) — Employees at Saturna Capital Corporation, investment advisor to the Amana and Sextant Funds, generously donated their 2008 year-end bonuses to a program created by the company to aid its local community. As a result, the company recently distributed over $77,000 to various non-profit organizations in Bellingham, WA.

Saturna Capital created a special program to help the local community in a difficult year for many families, corporations and philanthropies across the country. Saturna employees were given the option of either receiving a year-end bonus, or directing a larger donation to a non-profit organization.

"Saturna Capital, its principals and its employees have a spirited ethic of philanthropy," said Nick Kaiser, Saturna's Chairman. "It is especially important to encourage charitable giving in the times of economic distress." He also noted that the strong relative performance of all Saturna's mutual funds has brought significant growth in the company's business this year, in contrast to the weak results experienced by the majority of investment funds.

The largest recipient of the employees' donations is the Bellingham chapter of the Salvation Army, which received $10,500. Other Bellingham area recipients of the special giving included Womencare Shelter, Whatcom Hospice, Opportunity Council, Bellingham Food Bank, Agape House, and others. The funds also went to local schools and churches.

About Saturna Capital

Saturna Capital Corporation, established in 1989 in Bellingham, WA, is the investment adviser and administrator to over $1.3 billion in assets in the Amana Mutual Funds Trust, Saturna Investment Trust and private accounts for families, businesses and endowments. The firm focuses on religious, ethical and international investing, and is known for its community spirit andphilanthropies.Saturna also has employees in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Reno. Saturna Brokerage Services provides discount brokerage services and underwrites the Saturna mutual funds.