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Saturna Sustainable Funds

Seeking sustainable investments with low risks in areas of the environment, social responsibility, and governance (ESG).

Saturna Sustainable Equity Fund (SEEFX)

Saturna Sustainable Bond Fund (SEBFX)

Saturna Sustainable Funds

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Saturna CSR Report 2016

Saturna Capital CSR Report 2016 For more than 25 years, Saturna has consistently sought to go above and beyond the highest standards for ethics and transparency...

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Amana Participation Fund (AMAPX)

Amana Participation Fund Introductory BrochureDesigned to help clients meet their long-term financial needs with an objective of capital preservation emphasizing current income...

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Sextant Global High Income Fund (SGHIX)

Sextant Global High Income FundSeeking high income, with a secondary objective of capital preservation, by investing in a globally diversified portfolio of income-producing debt and equity securities...

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Quarterly Commentary

Q2 2016 · Quarterly Commentary

Learn what our portfolio managers are thinking and gain valuable insight into the Funds and markets.

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Sextant Funds

How Mutual Funds Work

How A Mutual Fund Works

Did you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of a mutual fund? Find out right here. In some ways, a mutual fund is very similar to a company that...


From The Yardarm - Market Commentary and Analysis

Low Interest Rates and Their Impact on Saving and Investing

August 2016 — The impact of today's rate environment can be especially damaging to savers. ¬†How did we get here and what can be done about it?


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Saturna Sustainable Funds

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